About Us

Mystech is a Hawaii based company that was started in 2010 to handle niche software design for the Academic and IT Managed Services industries. We have grown into multiple markets and now design software for all types of organizations.

We believe in making your systems and your software work for you. Too often, when we work with a company, we find that they work for their software or their employees work for their processes rather than the other way around. Sometimes it takes an outside look to see what can be done to change this and we like to be that catalyst.

In the last few years, we have expanded our services to include not just software, but business process design and business analytics. We love looking at the way things work and helping them work better, faster, or both. Even if our clients’ processes are as streamlined as possible, we can help to analyze, measure, and manage the key metrics that keep business moving forward.

Mystech is also an Energy Star Partner and we’re committed to a sustainable environment. Much of our custom automation software has been designed around using low power profiles and minimizing the impact on electricity consumption. We keep our environmental impact low and virtualize as much of our office infrastructure as we can.