The Importance of Gratitude

There are few people in the world who do not feel good when receiving a “thank you” from another. Even the consummate philanthropist who asks for no recognition and only that the world accept his work does not react poorly when gratitude comes his way.

However, it is often hard for us to thank those around us for the things they do. We fall back to thoughts of “they’re just doing their job” or “it’s all in their day’s work.” We’ll still thank those around us for exceptional work, but rarely do we express gratitude for the things we’re used to them doing.

Think about your employees and coworkers and the things that they do that make your life easier. Think about the workload that they take from you just by being good at their jobs. Spend some time reminding yourself what it was like before they came on board or before you had that position. Now, doesn’t it seem like you should give them some gratitude?

It’s not just a matter of expressing a “thank you” when they’re doing well. Human beings, as a general populous, tend to focus on the negative aspects and correcting the problems that we see. It is not in our default state of mind to focus on the things that are “as expected.” Positive reinforcement builds morale and gives your employees a sense that you value them. It builds loyalty and value.

Take some time today and express gratitude to the employees on your staff for the things that they do to make your life easier. They may say “it’s all in a day’s work” but they’ll feel good that you noticed.

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